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Powerpoint from July 23, 2019

Provides your representatives’ contact information and scripts for calling on various issues. LEARN MORE »

Send FAXes for free via internet. LEARN MORE »

Find your elected officials and your polling place. LEARN MORE »

A statewide coalition of organizations started by Georgia Women (And Those Who Stand With Us) for the purpose of eliminating the 4% sales tax on menstrual products sold in Georgia. LEARN MORE »

MiddleGAVotes is a growing group of leaders across middle Georgia dedicated to providing all people, without prejudice or bias, the information and motivation they need to confidently engage in every election. LEARN MORE »

This link connects to an information page re: the path a bill or resolution typically takes.  LEARN MORE »




On January 21, 2017 over 5 Million of us worldwide and over 1 Million in Washington, D.C., came to march, speak and make our voices heard. But it didn’t end there. Georgia Women (And Those Who Stand With Us) continues to follow the guidelines outlined in the 10 ACTIONS in 100 DAYS. LEARN MORE »

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