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When you call, email or fax your legislators, they count each of these contacts individually. So if you call, email, and fax on one issue per day, it counts as three separate votes in their tally. If you don't have access to a fax machine, try the website

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Actions you can take this week: March 13

Let’s start with some good news for a change. 


  • SB 83, the bill that would allow for an individual to take out a temporary protective order against someone who is stalking them while they reside in the same home overwhelmingly passed in the Senate and crossed over to the House.  

  • HB 520, the bill that expands upon the mental health reform bill passed and signed into law last session, also passed overwhelmingly and is now in the Senate. 

  • Lastly, HB30, the bill that adds antisemitism to the definition of hate crimes passed both chambers and is headed to the Governor’s desk for signature.


Protection of Civil Liberties AND Access to Affordable Healthcare


  1. Twenty state attorneys general (including our own Chris Carr) signed onto a letter to Walgreens threatening them with litigation if they sell or use the mail to provide medication abortion to women in twenty-four states, even where abortion is legal. A copy of the letter is a link in the article. There are several ways to voice your dissatisfaction:


  • You can contact Walgreens corporate offices at 847-315-2500; ask for the operator, and have him/her transfer you to customer relations. Once there, you can leave a message for management. "I am appalled that Walgreens has chosen to stop selling abortion medication in 24 states. Some of those states, like Alaska, Kansas, Iowa and Montana, still have legal abortion. This decision to put your corporation’s benefit above the health and well-being of your customers is cowardly and appalling. Women will be placed in horrible and even dangerous situations because you choose not to help when you could. Until you reverse this shameful decision I will not shop at your stores and I will encourage others to do the same."

  • You can also email the following individuals:


      Primary Contact Rick Gates - Senior Vice President, Pharmacy and Healthcare,

      Secondary Contact Lisa Badgley, Senior Vice President, Operations,;

  • AND/OR, you can come to the postcard signing event on Wednesday, March 15 from 4-6 at Ingleside Village Pizza and let them know.



  1.  SB140 passed the Senate and has crossed over to the House. It has been assigned to the House Public Health Committee. This bill would restrict the rights of parents across the state of Georgia to make decisions about gender-affirming care for their children. Every major U.S. medical and mental health organization including the American Medical AssociationAmerican Academy of PediatricsFederation of Pediatric Organizations and American Psychological Association supports access to gender-affirming care for transgender young people and adults. Families deserve privacy and respect when it comes to personal health care decisions– decisions that should be left between families and medical providers, without political interference.


  • Contact the below listed Public Health Committee members with the suggested script:  My name is — and I am from —. I want you to vote NO on SB140, the bill that restricts parents’ rights to make decisions about gender-affirming care to their children with gender dysphoria. Every major U.S. medical and mental health organization supports gender-affirming care for transgender young people and adults. Legislators should leave the practice of medicine to medical professionals and decisions about children to their parents.


Sharon Cooper, Chairwoman

Dale Washburn, Vice Chairman

Mary Margaret Oliver

Teri Anulewicz

Michelle Au

Karen Bennett

Mike Cheokas

Katie Dempsey

Karla Drenner

Barry Fleming

Spencer Frye

Houston Gaines

Lee Hawkins

Scott Hilton

Penny Houston

Karlton Howard

Shelly Hutchinson

John LaHood

Jodi Lott

Butch Parrish

Clay Pirkle

Tremaine “Teddy” Reese

Devan Seabaugh

Deborah Silcox

Doug Stoner

Darlene Taylor


As always, it’s a marathon and not a sprint.



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