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Actions you can take this week: February 17th  

The 2020 Georgia Legislative Session has been narrowly focused on the budget. Unlike the federal government, by law, Georgia must balance its budget every year. Georgia is struggling to make this happen in the current and next fiscal years due to an expected shortfall.

The potential shortfall results from a cut in the top state income tax rate adopted in 2018, and to revenue growing more slowly than projected, even declining in some months. Lawmakers are grappling with difficult decisions. Speaker Ralston said, “we always have to keep in mind that the budget is more than about numbers and percentages, because those are dollars that touch peoples’ lives. Those fund programs which are important to people."  

Some legislators are proposing not filling vacant positions and eliminating travel to cover some of the deficit. Rural Georgia may be particularly hard hit. The proposed budget impacts some of Georgia’s most vulnerable (foster children, those with mental health disorders, seniors).

Call and email (be sure to include your contact information in your email) the following elected officials with the suggested script: 
I oppose budget cuts that will effect the most vulnerable Georgians. The proposed cuts are too deep for an already stressed system, and endanger the lives of rural Georgians, children, low-income families, Georgians with disabilities, and those who need access to mental health care.

Governor Brian Kemp
Constituent Services: (404) 656-1776

House Speaker David Ralston
Phone: 404.656.5020

House Majority Leader Jon Burns
Phone: 404.656.5052

Chair of House Appropriations Committee Terry England
Phone: 404.463.2245

Chairs of Appropriations Subcommittees 

Rep. Penny Houston, Economic Development Subcommittee

Rep. Robert Dickey, Education Subcommittee

Rep. Sam Watson, General Government

Rep. Butch Parrish, Health

Rep. David Knight, Higher Education

Rep. Katie Dempsey, Human Resources

Rep. Andrew Welch, Public Safety

Rep Darlene Taylor, Transportation

The link to your legislators is here

There are 38 weeks until the November 2020 election.
Thank you for your hard work.
Remember, it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

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