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Members visiting Stewart Detention Center
 Georgia Women's Immigration Work
  • Elected Official Advocacy

    • Postcards, Emails, Phone Calls​

    • Visits with Senators and Representatives


  • Educational Salons

    • Creating Sanctuary

    • For Profit Detention Centers

    • Why Don't They Do It The Legal Way?


  • Visits to Stewart Detention Center


  • Formation of Middle Georgia Immigration Coalition

           Social justice groups and houses of worship

           who seek to address difficulties faced by immigrants


  • Creation of Immigration Rapid Response Team

           Trained team of hotline operators, drivers and interpreters​

           responding to non-emergency needs of immigrants


  • DACA Advocacy/Collaborations with Ga4Dreamers

    • Speaker bureau for Bibb County organizations​

    • "Macon Dreamers a Reality" Rally

    • Immigration at the Crossroads:

​                An Interfaith Conversation​​​


  • Leadership role in G4I (Ga4Immigrants)

         A statewide communication network connecting​

           organization throughout state on current

           immigration advocacy

For information on how to get involved, click here!

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