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As a social welfare organization, Protection of civil liberties has been one of our guiding principles since our inception. Georgia Women (And Those Who Stand With Us) has
continuously partnered with several organizations across the state and the country to fight
for these protections.

Thanks in part to the efforts of Georgia Women's advocacy, in November
of 2020, the Macon-Bibb County Commission passed a Civil Rights
Ordinance, amending Article III of Chapter 2 of the Macon-Bibb County Code of
Ordinances. This ordinance provided protections for virtually everyone against
discrimination, however former Mayor Reichert vetoed the ordinance.

Read the ordinance here.

As of this posting this issue has not yet come back before the Macon-Bibb
County Commission. It is our fervent hope that this ordinance will pass and be signed into law 
whenever it is brought up again.


In April 2018, Georgia Equality presented Georgia Women with their
LOCAL COMMUNITY BUILDER award for our efforts to protect the rights of all
citizens in Georgia.

During the 2020 Georgia Legislative session, Georgia finally passed a Hate Crime Bill.
Advocacy groups like Georgia Women have been working toward this kind of legislation for
years and are pleased to have been successful. 

On April 22 & 23, 2021 Georgia Women (And Those Who Stand With Us)
was proud to have sponsored a Two Day Educational  Comprehensive Civil Rights 
Event that included forums on the topics of law, business, people of color and

people of faith. 

Recordings of these forums are available on You Tube:

Civil Rights and the Law

Civil Rights & Business

Civil Rights for People of Color
Civil Rights for People of Faith


As a primarily women's organization, we have looked at each issue through that lens. With the conservative leaning US Supreme Court, we realized that women's reproductive rights would be in jeopardy... and they are. To raise a common voice on this issue, we have hosted and participated in rallies and  protests and sent thousands of postcards to the justices of the US Supreme Court and to our federal and state legislators. Additionally, we co-hosted, with the Macon League of Women Voters, a Lunch and Learn on the topic of the reproductive rights in Georgia

in 2019 GA passed a restrictive law preventing abortions from bing performed after 6 weeks. Georgia Women vehemently opposed and protested this bill at the State Capitol, but unfortunately were unable to stop its passage. As of this posting the status of this bill is uncertain.

We remain committed to regaining freedoms we have lost, protecting the freedoms we have and preventing the loss or more of the freedoms that we and all Americans enjoy. 

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