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What are we doing right now?


  • Georgia STOMP -- In 2018 Georgia Women initiated an effort to eliminate state sales tax on menstrual products sold in Georgia. Although unsuccessful in its first year, a statewide coalition of organizations and legislators working on menstrual equity issues and addressing period poverty in Georgia was birthed. Visit the website for Georgia STOMP (Stop Tax On Menstrual Products) to learn more about this work which continues in 2019 with HB8.


  • #MiddleGAVotes -- Georgia Women created a coalition of large employers and universities in the middle Georgia area to explore new communication pathways to improve voter education and increase civic engagement. This campaign, #MiddleGAVotes, is actively recruiting new businesses to participate by using each entity’s existing communication tools to relate Voter Registration and Voter Engagement information. The information generated by our Civic Engagement Work Group is non-partisan and prepared in a form that is easy to transmit. If your company is interested, contact


  • Immigration Rapid Response Team -- Georgia Women connected houses of worship to form the Middle Georgia Immigration Coalition (MGIC). Working together, MGIC and Georgia Women established a Rapid Response Team to assist families under stress because of their immigration status. Recruitment and training is underway for staffing the hotline and responding to needs.


  • Advocacy for DACA recipients -- Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), advocacy includes meeting with legislators, phone calls, letters and numerous community meetings to “bring the face of DACA” to middle Georgia. Speakers are available for programs at local churches or community groups.


  • Advocacy for Immigration Detainees – Georgia Women’s Advocacy for humane treatment and legal representation of detainees in Georgia Detention Centers has included three educational salons, meetings with the staff of Sen. Perdue and Rep. Scott, cosponsoring a petition calling for Senators and Representatives to investigate For Profit Detention Centers in Georgia and a visit to Stewart Detention Center. Future trips are being planned.

  • Advocacy for Comprehensive Civil Rights -- Georgia is one of only 5 states without civil rights protections at the state level. Citizens of Georgia depend on national legislation to protect them. Georgia Women works with other civil rights organizations in our state, most strongly with Georgia Equality, to seek these protections for Georgia. 


  • Healthcare Advocacy to improve the Affordable Care Act and assure affordable healthcare to all, but especially to women and children, the poor and rural populations.


  • Numerous collaborations with local Universities and their campus organizations to support student led civic engagement initiatives. 


To get involved with any of these activities, please come to an advertised upcoming event or email to voice your desire to join a work group!