Georgia law provides no Civil Rights protections.

Georgians depend on Federal Civil Rights laws.

Georgia is one of only three states in the nation lacking

private-sector employee protections and one of only five 

states in the nation with no public accommodation laws.

Those individuals who have been discriminated

against because of race, national origin, age or sex must

bring a federal law suit because no state laws protect them.

Georgia Women works with many organizations to

address this issue. To date, our work includes:


  • Working in a coalition to obtain sexual orientation and gender

       identity protections for Macon-Bibb County employees​.


  • Advocating for statewide protections and against laws that

       seek to limit the rights of our LGBTQ citizens.​

In April 2018, Georgia Equality presented Georgia Women (And

Those Who Stand With Us) their LOCAL COMMUNITY BUILDER

award for our efforts to protect the rights of all citizens in Georgia.

Currently there is a Civil Rights Ordinance proposed which would 

amend Article III of Chapter 2 of the Macon-Bibb County Code of
Ordinances and put in place mechanism to resolve complaints

quickly and easily with no dependence on the federal court system.

Introduced on November 3, 2020 the ordinance provides protections
for virtually everyone against discrimination.

Read the ordinance here.